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14 August 1986
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For some reason, I find 'spectre' a marvelous word. Its ghostly connotations, and it's rare enough to seem semi-intelligent. Almost. :P

Okayyy, I'm a freelance photographer and artist, though my passion and main career remains to be music though. A classically trained guitarist turned punk rock chick with a classic b&w Fender strat that would make most guys smile with watery eyes. It is nice. Yes it is. One could say it's even spiffy.

Sport is also pretty big in my life, but it's hard to really talk about without seeming like a mindless jock, so that's all I'll say. XD Ooooo, and y-fronts for girls? The best invention since ice cream.


How cool, is that?

24, 30 seconds to mars, alfred hitchcock, amélie, art, australia, badminton, billie holiday, biology, bjork, bloody mary, brittany, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, caravaggio, cartoons, cheesecake, classics, coffee, comic books, comics, communism, concept art, counting crows, d.e.b.s., death, demons, dianna agron, dollhouse, donnie darko, drawing, dreams, fanfic, fantasy, femmeslash, femslash, fiction, films, frasier, fyodor dostoevsky, gargoyles, gelphie, glee, green day, grey's anatomy, guitar, harry potter, haruka/michiru, hermione/luna, house, house m.d., ice hockey, idina menzel, imogen heap, independant film, ingmar bergman, joni mitchell, karolina/nico, kendra kassebaum, kissing jessica stein, lea michele, legend of zelda, literature, lost, lucy in the sky, matchbox 20, memento, mika, music, mythology, myths, neil gaiman, nightmares, ontd, painting, paramore, partying, philosophy, photography, photoshop, pinot noir, psychosis, pushing daises, rain, raindrops, rent, repo! the genetic opera, revolutionary girl utena, rosalie/bella, runaways, russia, russian, russian poetry, sailor moon, santana lopez, sarah mclachlan, sex, shakespeare, sigur ros, skins, smallville, snow patrol, snowboarding, south of nowhere, sport, storms, strawberry shake sweet, surfing, sushi, tegan and sara, tennis, the addams family, the ultimates, thirteen, tim burton, titans, twilight, utena, veronica mars, vertigo, werewolves, wicked, willow/tara, wine, writing, x-files, xena, xmen, young avengers, young justice, yuri, zemfira, zinfandel

Social capital

  • less than 10