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The Death of John Hurt (XP Style)

Fate has just BUTT RAPED ME!


I like to think of myself as a purely lovely honest sort, and by that, I do not deserve such fateful butt rap-age! My butt is my own! And no one goes near it!!!

So, really, from the beginning. Last night I was on the phone for a good long while, engaging in an amusing conversation about how it it had recently occured to me that, yes, Ghandi did also defacate. (A recent epiphany)

And while said conversation was ocurring, what happened? I was on the laptop. A popup... popped up. I clicked it down. Another one popped up. I continued laughing about the defecation, while clicking these bastards away... and generally being stupid. But oh no. Oh no no no. I decided to restart while my computer was in the midst of being VIOLATED!

I turned my back on it.

Now whenever I turn it on, I have five minutes before it turns itself off again. I've spent nine solid hours trying to fix it and its bastard disease. All I've managed to do is spend £80 on antivirus stuff that doesn't work, and figure out how to use the Internet on an ULTRA SAFE MODE with disastrous graphics and no everything. My files are seemingly gone. Thankfully almost everything that's important is on the external hard drive which I won't connect while there are such diseases.

Whyyyy did this have to happen, hmm? I've given to charity!!!


Interestingly, the diseases are only on certain partitions. The safe mode seems, rather safe... o.0*

The Idiot's New Phone

I have a new phone.

I don't know how to turn it on.

The manual is wrong. There is no such button! o.0*

Speedpainting. DeviantID... I couldn't be bothered to do a proper picture. Suuure, I could have usesd one of the 'Jensen' pictures... but that'd be admitting something I don't want to admit to. :P

So not cool.

Julia Roberts Cone

I made a hairy cone.

Bow down to me.

New 3D software of the sort I have never before used. Oh the nerdgasms! It's like learning Photoshop all over again!! Only... slightly less retarded. Obviously. LOOK AT THAT HAIRY CONE! It only took me five minutes. And look at that little tiny green one - yes, that one. I see it as the little tiny baby cone. It's all about poetic puberty. Genius.

Um, of course that big hairy cone was meant to be a CG portrait of Julia Roberts... but hey. Whatever. Still genius.


Character designs for the latest comic-thing I decided to start doing. Something easy enough not to interfere with the other stuff. We'll see how it goes.

click for larger image.

Oh... wow, I just noticed how many instances of me there are again... ha ha... wow. My god, I should see a shrink. :P

Anyway, I thought it best to have a friendlier newer public entry than The Fucktard Report. Totally.

ETA: OH! Something hilarious! Involving GHANDI!! But... but I can't say it in a public post -- and I'm too lazy to do a different post. D:

deviantART - The Fucktard Report

So... I've been on DA a fair bit recently. Trying to build my page up. But something I've noticed has really started to get to me. There are some truly amazing well known artists on there, whose work I've actually followed for years (I nearly had a nerdgasm when I found them on there, then suddenly in dialogues with them) and they generally don't watermark their work. I mean, really, truly amazing artists. Then there are the potentially amazing artist, who already produce work at a very good level and have a great many viewers. Do they cover their work in a huge monstrous watermark? No. Then there are the general okay, though slightly inconsistent artists who also have their tiny group of fannish viewers. Watermark? No.

Then there are the fucktards that can't draw for shit, that you've accidentally clicked on (on a DD page no less!), and their drawing of a ZOMG!!!111 SUPA HAWT GUY KISSIN ANOVERRRR GUY!!! MANGA MANGA MANGAAAA!!! YAOIIIIII!!!!111 They're getting off on what the picture looks like in their heads. If they opened their eyes, they would see that, yes, one eye is in fact nearly on the end of a nose. The hairline also shouldn't be that low---OH, and... y'know... unless the unfortunate guy's a monster/mutant... the thumb should be beside the INDEX FINGER? Not beside the PINKY?! Ugh, but my point? They watermark. Yes they do. Hey? 'Artist' that can't draw? YOU'RE TOO OLD TO BE DRAWING SO BADLY AND DELUDED INTO THINKING YOU'RE THE LATEST BOTTICELLI of the DIGITAL ERA!!




Why, for the love of all that is even remotely sane, would they watermark their diabolical digital steaming shit, hmm? It's like it's mocking me for having had a finger spasm and clicked on it. It's like it's saying, "Oh haiii bb. You clicked on meeee. I know you don't like meeeee... but you can't have meeeeeee!!! No stealy!!!!!"

Like I would even fucking favorite you, you disastrous parasite. I would shoot myself in the proverbial balls before I tried to pass you off as my own.

So, it's safe to say these people annoy me. They annoy me enough for me to have just addressed their shitty pieces as one big whole. In fact, let's just give alllll those pieces a name, shall we? We'll call it... Dickie! Hrm. So I had to do an entry about Dickie. I do feel better now though, though I seem to have lost my mind a little.

ETA: Oh! If you're one of those people then... I'm sor---actually, I'm only sorry for my foul language. I still stand by my inflammatory words. Maybe you can explain to me, the arrogance of these watermark wielding idiots, hmm? Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying I'm amazing. Even the amazing guys aren't saying they're amazing. That's the whole point. Once you wield watermark, you're saying you suddenly have something EVERYONE wants, and that you need protection. A little tag of the name is fine... a little copyright sign - whatever. But that huge fuck off watermark?

It's just not right.


I'm doing a public post for once, so the potential Friends (or scary stalkers... that still don't comment) are reassured that I am alive. :)

I'm late submitting the commission, but it's not a big deal. I just wanted to meet a deadline for once. Ha. Ha ha. I'm not posting what's done so far, though. Supersticious reasons. The bloody thing will catch on fire in the scanner, I'm sure. But I make strange decisions. For the piece, I decided to learn from scratch how to colour with Copic Markers and also how to properly ink using nibs and brushes. I mean, really. That's the stuff to do when time is not of the essence.

Here are some recent sketches that have been done as warm ups. I'm thinking I should finish them.

The cop picture's in non-repographic blue (I had to change it a bit so it was all vaguely visible). He's stolen a sweet from a little kid. Said little kid is very hard to draw, and the third picture is me figuring him out. The angle's a bitch. I hate that angle. I never really draw that angle, and you can see why. But they're all very quick testers. I think I'll finish the cop (&boy) picture and post it.

First picture shows my progres with the markers and the new inking. So close, yet so far. D:

ETA: The Russian adverts on Livejournal make me laugh. I enabled them. Also, there are many more features for the Russian speakers! ZOMG. Statistics etc. Oooo. Maybe they actually mentioned that in the news messages, but I don't read them. Because they're boring.

ETA 2: But seriously. What do kids look like? Children are impossible to draw. I know they have HUGE heads and short stumpy limbs and puppy fat... generally, but... is that enough? No, the drawing ends up depicting a fat midget. Like, seriously. What the fuck.


Astonishing X-Men Giant Sized #1

So I just read it... late, I know... but I read it. And I had a huge nerdgasm. It was so tantric. Very mindblowing. I'm still in the throes of it and can barely type.

Also. Agent Brand and Beast are totally hot together. Agent Brand is a hot-ass alien and I love her shade of green. I always knew Emma and Kitty were hot for each other too, in an 'I hate you and am trying to kill you' way. The drama of it all was hot too - and aw, Emma who never cries, cried for Kitty. Emma should teleport into the big-fuck-off-bullet and go tantric with Kitty. Ease her pain.

Now I'll re-read and continue with the drooling and 'gasms. Then I will find fanfic and continue with the 'gasms. Mm.


So I was meant to work on the website today, which I did, but not for very long. Instead, I worked on the picture below. I figured there's no point even finishing the website when there's so little finished coloured art to put up. Or even just finished art for that matter. Heh.

(Click for larger image)

It was all fine, until I got to colouring the arm. I... well, it... I don't know. I mean, the slight hints of muscle were coming out all wrong, so I cursed and put two hours worth of detail into it. Which I will then mostly paint over... as it's not meant to be nearly so defined. Ahhhhh, but the muscles! Really, it's terrible. They're bastards. I've accidentally/stupidly merged the medial and long head part of the tricep, as well as the brachialis and bicep. I feel like an idiot. -.-* An idiot even more for caring... when I'm just painting over all that nasty stuff anyway.

But hey! It's me with my new haiiiir! V. short. I got sick of spending an hour on my hair everyday. Now it's just, like, ten minutes max. Spiky. Myes. But now I'm thinking of growing it extra long. Like, really long.

I don't know why.


ETA: Rough clothes - trying to figure out colour.... hrm.

The Funny Things In Life

I've been seeing some funny stuff lately. Thought I'd share.

Funny Thing #1: Girls as Guys

And they're models! Freakin' hilarious. It's from America's Next Top Model. Cycle 8.

Skip ahead to 6:00

More of models as guys! Haha!Collapse )

LOL. Seriously.

Funny Thing #2: Tegan and Sara are FUNNY!!!

Around the time of The Con. Seriously. The album is so damn good, and the clips? Hilarious. The first one had me nearly peeing myself I was laughing so hard. Nice, right? Yeah. Nice.

HAH! It's... the wheezing... and the stroking of the pie... that really gets me. Hahahah! Also, Tegan's WTF expression (the twin on the left...) at the very beginning was the same one I had on an unfortunate date. Look at that expression! The poor girl - whoever she was. Can you imagine being on a date with the other person looking at you like that? *snorts* Girl? I'm sorry, okay? I shouldn't have looked at you like you were a fish with three heads telling me you love me. I'm sorry. But, still, it's so funny!

More Tegan and Sara hilarityCollapse )

Poor Sara. Poor pooooor Sara.

Funny Thing #3: Xena: When Fates Collide FTW

Now then. NOW THEN. Less funny... just totally cool. And we gots da moosic which is da BOMB. Ahem.

Funny Thing #4: The Wild Party

Again. Not particularly funny. It just rocks. A million thanks to tamoshan for uploading such a great video. (Still trying to find the soundtrack... >.<*)

Make Me Happy at 3:34. I'm obsessed with that song. OBSESSED. Although, Idina acting all slutty never fails to rouse me. *cough* Maureen *cough*

I've forgotten everything else that's made me laugh lately. Until next time!

t.A.T.u... again. New Video.

I... have a disease. I thought it was over... but damn it, this video rocks! The drama of it all. Ohhhh the drama!

Weeeelll. Who can blame me?

Edit: Now from hot, to EVEN MORE HOT!!


I'm tired.