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Repo! The Genetic Opera

I have literally only just managed to see the film that everyone [online] seems to be going on about. I suppose Paris's mere existence in it put me off... until an interesting window of opportunity appeared. A fast link to a super HQ version of it. So I got curious.

So, the film is utterly diabolical. It really is. I had to pause it a few times at the beginning from the second-hand-embarrassment alone. Then I lightened up, and really, I'm not sure if the film actually got pretty damn good as it went along, or if I became desensitized to its idiocy. Like a foul stench. By the end I loved it.

...but I don't normally end up loving foul stenches...

Mm. Anyway, one song in particular needs an absolute shout out, if only for the kinky fantasies it provokes in me. It involves, er, some random girl who I really don't recognize... and Sarah Brightman. Who, I know is like 50, but seriously, she's hot as fuck in the film. Providing she was in costume and singing, I'd let her do dirty dirty things to me. I really would. X|