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Artistic Sausages

Hello all. I've decided to inform you that I had a nightmare last night. A terrible one involving axes and sausages. This is also an art dump! Yeahhhh!

It's not finished. *coughs* I, uh, started working on it nearly a year ago then abandoned it. I picked it up a few days ago... It's changed quite drastically. Hmm. I'm also trying to figure out what colour the bedsheet should be.

And this too isn't finished. Obviously. Look at the [lack of] hands. I'm contemplating blackmailing myself into finishing it, though I'm not exactly sure how that would work. The redhead's a main character in a current project, and the blond guy is in fact another female character that turns into a guy from the same project.

On a final note, I'd like to share this with you:

I saw this on my Friends page and found myself tickled. When I was a very small person, I had a raging crush on this man. To this day, I have no idea how and why. His name is Gabriel Byrne... and I am amused.

ETA: Whoa now. Has anyone seen the latest L Word episode? The season 6 premier? SHOCKING, I tell you. If you've seen it, tell me what you thought.