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Still Alive... maybe

Wow, I'm posting on LJ! Such a rarety!

I got myself a Tumblr account a couple of days ago, and I'm immediately rather fond of it. While thinking of doing a sparkling First Post, I suddenly remembered this place.

Recent painting: Kai's Lament

Click for full view

It's half-assed. I got bored with it, but I'm happy about the fire and building! (And the genderbending. They're the same character...)

On a side note, I've been busy with storyboards for commercials lately. I think the most recent one will be in 3D, but as always, they take ages to launch so can't really show anyone yet. But it's all pretty cool. Will post links and videos etc. when I'm able to. Also, I need to get my ass in gear regarding business. Launch a professional swanky website and business cards etc. Figure out properly what my rates are. Ugh.

Now on a more personal note, I am currently HIGH as a freaking KITE! My apartment's recently undergone a ridiculously huge and arduous refurb and I'm now redecorating. It'll all look super amazing but... but... seriously... paint fumes. PAINT FUMES. All the windows were open but.... BUT IT HAS NOT BEEN ENOUGH. Honestly, I can't remember how I coped with this when I first decorated.


The Icarus Project - Test Page

Wow. Been a while... anyway, I've been working on a graphic novel lately and have done a couple test pages to check techniques etc. before getting on with actual comic pages. This is the last test page I did.

(click for larger image)

Figured I'd put it on my dusty journal. ;)

All About Today

Ahhhhhhh! My Friends page is down!! (Is that even possible? When the rest of LJ seems fine?) I'm homebound for two days to do Art Stuff - wtf do I do without my Friends page!


About 67% done, I think? Finishing it today! Then moving on to the next... today! Hopefully finishing the next... TODAY!!!

I may not be sleeping today.


Finished a quick painting!

Adobe Photoshop CS3 painting using a [beautiful] Wacom Intuos4 L

So, as always, it's the usual character. Which isn't me... but with some similarities.

In other news: I'm very busy, but still trying to find time to build up this portfolio.

Burning question of the day: Why were computers grey for so many years? Such a random nasty colour. Not pure and white, not sleek and black, not any pleasing colour... just grey. Why is that?


Repo! The Genetic Opera

I have literally only just managed to see the film that everyone [online] seems to be going on about. I suppose Paris's mere existence in it put me off... until an interesting window of opportunity appeared. A fast link to a super HQ version of it. So I got curious.

So, the film is utterly diabolical. It really is. I had to pause it a few times at the beginning from the second-hand-embarrassment alone. Then I lightened up, and really, I'm not sure if the film actually got pretty damn good as it went along, or if I became desensitized to its idiocy. Like a foul stench. By the end I loved it.

...but I don't normally end up loving foul stenches...

Mm. Anyway, one song in particular needs an absolute shout out, if only for the kinky fantasies it provokes in me. It involves, er, some random girl who I really don't recognize... and Sarah Brightman. Who, I know is like 50, but seriously, she's hot as fuck in the film. Providing she was in costume and singing, I'd let her do dirty dirty things to me. I really would. X|



My apartment's just been broken into.

I know this for a fact.

I've just got home, vaguely tipsy, to find something... damn strange.Collapse )

Fuck my life.

I'm not even anyone to be following.

ETA: A recent Work In Progress. 'Fanart', which I never really do anymore.

Nina and Arika from Mai Otome. An awesome Anime.

Their usual look:


Has anything strange recently happened to you? Your stories will make me feel better. :P ::screened::

ETA 2: Yeah, I've checked all the rooms, including the ones I RARELY enter. That includes the horrific boiler room with the blown light. Against better judgement.

ETA 3: WTF does 'ETA' mean?! I'm certain I knew before, but I can't bloody remember and now it's just habit. Idiot.... .........ETA ETA ETA ETA ETA "EDITED TO ADD" - awesome.


Turtle Fucking A Shoe (go figure)

I laughed for two seconds, then watched the rest absolutely horrified. I hate turtles - their heads and necks just look zombified dongs with a fucking mouth. I don't know why the nasty creatures even exist still. They're truly disgusting. And... I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THEY HAD DONGS!! Or that they could make noises. Bloody hell.

Anyway, watch it. It's not long, and most find it funny. Unless you hate turtles, then it's a horror film. The turtle fucking a shoe. 0.0*

ETA: Slugs too. No way. The have huge glowing dongs behind their heads. Who knew!!


The L Word - no spoilers

So I just saw The L Word finale, and I have to say it's not nearly as awful as some poeple have made it out to be - but the ending... left me feeling like a riteous idiot. What's with the glamorous smiles, huh? HUH?! It makes no sense! Perhaps Chaiken wanted to be David Lynch with her TV show, but I can't help thinking she failed miserably. Those last ten or so minutes were diabolical.

Shame... on... her... and her coke habits!

^ I found this and laughed for a good long time.

Read before you have a heart attackCollapse )

Photoshop's Dead

Jensen doodle. Not me. Seriously. It's also an angle I never really draw when it comes to female characters. I used to consider it boring, but doing this I realised it's not boring, just hard. Heh. The reason being, when drawing an androgynous character, the few points that readily identifies them as female need to be perceptible. The only one of those characteristics that applies to a picture like this is the chest. Unless the breasts sag, or they're huge, or they're misshapen and to the sides more, they're much less visible under a tshirt. To compensate one needs to be considerably more creative with lighting and drapery to show those subtle curves. I'm not sure if I completely achieved it, but it's a welcome LATE epiphany.

So I'm now one of those sad cases where they have no scanner. Or, rather, I do but it's unreachable. Photoshop has literally died on me and I have no idea how or why. I went to scan in several things that I'd been working on, only to find the Blue Screen Of Doom appearing every time Photoshop finished loading. It's sort of freaking me out. The ultimate downside is this: I can't reinstall the program as I've managed to lose both the disk and the key thing that says it's mine. >.<* Shocking. Truly. It looks like I have to buy it all over again... which is just stupid.

So I've uploaded two doodles I did recently. The one above having been done on a scrap of paper I found under my bed while failing at getting to sleep and the one below having been done on the back of an envelope, found in my bed (I tend to read my mail in bed). Not bad for doodles, I think. They're far better than I would have mindlessly done a few months ago. I don't think I'm stagnating anymore, which is an awesome feeling.

Now if only Photoshop would work. Damn it.

A rough idea for a frame. There's Jensen dying at a desk. With Kate beside her. She has the wrong hairstyle. I recently decided to have her switch hairstyles with Daniella to give her a more 'alternative' look. Hopefully there'll be more pictures coming soon to illustrate that and... make the world seem a better place. Ahem.

I'm feeling terribly sorry for myself.

Artistic Sausages

Hello all. I've decided to inform you that I had a nightmare last night. A terrible one involving axes and sausages. This is also an art dump! Yeahhhh!

It's not finished. *coughs* I, uh, started working on it nearly a year ago then abandoned it. I picked it up a few days ago... It's changed quite drastically. Hmm. I'm also trying to figure out what colour the bedsheet should be.

And this too isn't finished. Obviously. Look at the [lack of] hands. I'm contemplating blackmailing myself into finishing it, though I'm not exactly sure how that would work. The redhead's a main character in a current project, and the blond guy is in fact another female character that turns into a guy from the same project.

On a final note, I'd like to share this with you:

I saw this on my Friends page and found myself tickled. When I was a very small person, I had a raging crush on this man. To this day, I have no idea how and why. His name is Gabriel Byrne... and I am amused.

ETA: Whoa now. Has anyone seen the latest L Word episode? The season 6 premier? SHOCKING, I tell you. If you've seen it, tell me what you thought.